My Victories. My Struggles. My Endurance As A Mother

  • It’s My Story & I’m Sticking To It

    February 22, 2020 by

    More often than not, we learn our role during our childhood. As such, as adults we continue to play that role which consequently teaches the people in our adult lives the role we play. Follow me: Growing up you are consistantly called a trouble maker due to various situations you find yourself in. Maybe your… Read more

  • Go Back to the Beach if You Must

    February 21, 2020 by

    I’m going back to the beach today. Not only because I want to, but because I must. I need to see the water, I need to feel the sand under my feet. I need to hear the waves crashing into the pier and I need to listen to the surfers speaking of their love of… Read more

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