One Day You’ll Find Out the Truth

Hello Bubba. How are you today? Have you been having a good week? How is daycare going? Are you making new friends? What is your best friends name? What do you like to do at daycare? Do you have a new favorite toy?

I was at the Harley store the other day. They have an entire area of fun things for grandchildren. They have some fun toys and hats that made me think of you. The neatest new thing I saw there were suitcases that had a picture of a motorcycle and said “going to grandmas” or “going to grandpas”. I remember when your daddy was little he had a special little suitcase for grandma and grandpas house. I would have gotten it for you, but since you cant come to my house any more I didn’t. I did buy your and Sissy’s Christmas ornaments. Some day you will be able to put them on your own trees and share them with your children. I wish I could see you open them this year, but that’s not going to happen. 😪 Grandpa and I put them in your special box to save for you.

I had a meeting yesterday. There is this thing called “Grandparent Rights”. It means when someone wants to see their Grandchildren and their kids won’t let them, people meet in a big room and talk to someone called a judge. The judge usually tells the mom and dad that they have to let the children see their Grandma and Grandpa. They do this because it is so important for grandchildren and grandparents to be together. Some scientists and doctors worked together and proved that the more time you spend with your grandmas and grandpas, the more successful you will be. That must be why your daddy liked to spend so much time with his grandma and grandpa. Some people want us to go talk to the judge and tell him your mom and daddy won’t let you see your gammas and papas. They said the judge would probably tell your parents you can see all of us because they don’t let you see us and we are right here. The people said your mom and daddy are sick, so I dont want you to be mad at them, they don’t understand what they are doing. Some of their friends have been calling, telling us someone should put a stop to this. Maybe we should go to the judge, but I’m afraid to go to the judge, because it will be stressful for you and for you Sissy and I dont want to cause you any more stress than you already have. I’m so sorry Bubba. My heart cries for you every day. I pray and pray for your daddy to remember what’s really important in life because I know he knows. What’s most important Bubba, is that you remember in your heart that we love you. One day when you will be able to come on your own and we will love you just as much then as we do now.

I still read our Grandma Wishes book every Friday just like we used to. Sometimes I read it more. And I still have Rex in my pocket, and Gamma Dinosaur sits next to our bed. Me and PaPa and your uncles miss you so much. I’m sorry this is happening. It shouldn’t be, and it’s not right. But it’s NOT your fault. I’m sorry that no one has the courage to come help. One day we will talk about it. I promised you I will always tell you everything just like me Gamma did for me. I have everything saved for you. It’s icky sad stuff, but I have it. When the time comes, I want you to know the truth. You deserve to know. We all love you.

Love, Gamma

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