I Know I Did All I Could

Hi son, how are things? It’s been a long time since we’ve spoken, in fact soon it will be a year. Sometimes I think I should contact you, but then I remember you telling the world I’m a crazy bitch, and you telling your little brother you would beat his ass…and I realize you’re not the man I raised you to be, so it’s probably better this way.

Do you wonder about us? Do you miss us? I hear you spend all kinds of time with your in laws. You must have decided they aren’t so bad after all. It’s good that you decided to accept them even though you don’t like them. I also heard you’ve tired of your sick brothers drama. I’m glad you remember how sadly demented he really is. I’m also happy for you that you CAN see him and your nephew when you want to.

I heard your job is going well. It makes us feel good to know that when we found that job for you, even though you did sd one different things, here it is 6 years later and its providing income for you. I guess we did something right.

I want to tell you how sad this situation makes me. Never in a million years did I think you would ever turn on me or any of your brothers the way you have. You told him that people take different paths as if that means you can’tst aaaasssssss y connected somehow with your family. I don’t know where or when you got such a feeling of disconnect, I’m sorry for you that you did. There is so much you are missing, so many things and so much time that you will never get back. Every day that goes by without hearing from you, makes a future relationship with any of us that much harder, especially your youngest brother.

If you are ever wondering hoi w any of us are, we are all doing fine. Your little brother is excelling in all he needs to and is very motivated, dedicated, responsible, successful and hard working. Your dad is doing well, your step-dad is also. Your grandparents are all still well and healthy, however you still haven’t even seen your grandma’s new home.

I miss my family, but to be perfectly honest, I have realized that I miss the illusion of what I though my family was. The truth is, I miss seeing and hearing from you, but I don’t miss getting teased or disrespected by you which had become a very common practice. I pray one day you will realize that you can’t get back the time that you’ve lost. I pray that you recognize what’s important in life before it’s too late. People will be gone and you will have lost your chance for any kind of closure.

I hope life is going well for you son. One thing will never change, regardless of the direction our relationship went, I have no regrets and will always love you.

Love Mom

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Published by Dazedmother

I'm a middle aged working woman. I have raised four boys of which my baby is 17. Motherhood began at age 17 for me. For 30 years every choice I've made was as a mother. This past year, two of my sons have decided life is better without me. I'm a mom, a grandma, a wife that was divorced and now remarried. Here I am, still trying to figure out this thing called life.

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