I Want You to Know I Love You

My dear son. I have been so lost in my depression that I haven’t taken the time to tell you how proud I am of you. You are so responsible, determined, smart, hard working, honest, loyal and with a beautiful heart. I know life hasn’t been easy. Our family being riddled with addiction, alcoholism, selfishness, manipulation, depression…I’m so sorry. A mother always hopes for great things for her children. My greatest dream has always been to raise my children to be decent, good people and for my family to always be loving and loyal to one another. I failed to provide that in so many ways and for that I am truely sorry. I did however succeed in raising two that are loving and loyal. I give you part of the credit for that. After your older brothers left home, things got bad and you stepped up more than you should have needed to and stayed strong. You showed your little brother that just because bad things happen in a family, we still stick together and in the end we will be ok. You made promises and never broke them. That shows us all that you are a good, honest man who’s integrity is still very much in tact. Thank you for being such a good role model, thank you for being understanding and accepting. You have never been greedy, ungrateful or self-involved. I love your sincere, deep love and appreciation for the important people in your life. I am so proud of you and even more proud to tell the world you are my son.

Thank you for being you.

I love you.

Published by Dazedmother

I'm a middle aged working woman. I have raised four boys of which my baby is 17. Motherhood began at age 17 for me. For 30 years every choice I've made was as a mother. This past year, two of my sons have decided life is better without me. I'm a mom, a grandma, a wife that was divorced and now remarried. Here I am, still trying to figure out this thing called life.

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