The Birds & the Bees, the Flowers & the trees, his Ex’s and me

Does everyone struggle with feeling like they have to measure up or surpass even the ex’s of your spouse?  We might be talking about long time significant others, spouses, whatever the case is…do you find yourself trying to compete with the ex or are you hyper sensitive about the ex?  WHY IS THIS?  We should give it up,Continue reading “The Birds & the Bees, the Flowers & the trees, his Ex’s and me”

The Need To Belong

Sometimes I feel like I’m the girl that just can’t catch a break, that has never fit or belonged.  A pity party for myself I suppose, but I hate to think that I put myself on the pity train everyday.  I don’t want to be that girl.  It goes back so many years, my highContinue reading “The Need To Belong”

Mother Guilt vs. Boundaries

Why do we allow ourselves to be consumed by mother guilt?  I can’t help but wonder if secure women are secure mothers and  are they consumed with Mother guilt as much as the insecure mothers.  What do insecure mothers do to help themselves escape this insecurity rut or gutter that they are in. I couldContinue reading “Mother Guilt vs. Boundaries”

The Biggest Betrayal of All

Today is a different conversation. Today I will focus on telling you my story of Betrayal. As I’ve shared with you before, I am 47 years old, I’ve been a mother for 30 years.  That means I have never lived the adult life without having my children in my home. I didn’t participate in the sports,Continue reading “The Biggest Betrayal of All”

The Depth of My Self Loathing

There are so many things running through my mind today.  So many things I want to share with you before I get to “where we’re really going”. I’m going to start with the wonders of being a grandma.  When I saw my grandson for the first time, I was convinced that the reason people have children inContinue reading “The Depth of My Self Loathing”

Mental Anguish Confronted or Not…

This is the tattoo I had put on my forearm to always remind me of my sons accident. A constant reminder to never waver on taking the key of a loved one if you feel their thinking is impaired at all, and also as a conversation starter. Many people have seen my tattoo, (probably moreContinue reading “Mental Anguish Confronted or Not…”