Confronting the Bully

When you start to find your true self, when you start to release and let go of the shit. This is when the inner healing will begin. I have remembered, acknowledged, admitted, and shared my demons. Many of them anyways. As I confront each one at a time, I find myself having even more courageContinue reading “Confronting the Bully”

What Family Means To Me

Christmas is in two days.  I’ve heard sad stories about holidays for broken families but never thought it would be mine.  When I say broken, I’m not talking about divorced or separated parents I’m referring to A BROKEN FAMILY.  Broken as in a member or members have disconnected from the family and there are brokenContinue reading “What Family Means To Me”

Don’t delay

If you’ve put your pride ahead of all else, it’s time to suck it up and realize there are bigger more important things to worry about than your pride. Don’t lose your chance to fix it, once they are gone, you’ve lost your chance to say I am sorry and you’ve lost the chance toContinue reading “Don’t delay”

Good Days and Bad Days-

I need to find PEACE. I have been so bitter lately, and it’s exhausting.  The closer it gets to Christmas, the sadder and more bitter I am. My heart aches each and every day. Half of me thinks about reaching out to them, and the other half knows that if I do I am onlyContinue reading “Good Days and Bad Days-“

Dealing with Toxic

As I sit here waiting for my monthly blood draw I find myself evaluating my life. Thinking about my kids, all of them, even the ones that aren’t in my life anymore because they’ve chosen not to be.   It occurs to me that both my greatest victory and my biggest failure are in oneContinue reading “Dealing with Toxic”

A Thank You Message For My Followers

I started this blog per my doctor’s orders to begin my self healing process.  I haven’t been doing this very long, and already I am floored by how many people have reached out to say things like “thank you”, “keep it up”, “I love reading this” or ” this is changing my life”.   I wantContinue reading “A Thank You Message For My Followers”

Bully Me No More

Insecurity, seeking validation, self doubt and feeling picked on or bullied…its all connected. There is a difference between trying to convince people to see it your way, and wanting people to validate what you see.  Do you know someone who or perhaps find yourself second guessing yourself and your actions?  How about constantly giving peopleContinue reading “Bully Me No More”