Dear Grandson

Hi Bubba. How was your day? Did you play games with your daddy? I bet you have grown so much since I’ve seen you. Are you wearing big boy underwear and going potty in the big boy potty? Do you still fit in all the dinosaur clothes we got? Do you still have the dinosaursContinue reading “Dear Grandson”

Don’t delay

If you’ve put your pride ahead of all else, it’s time to suck it up and realize there are bigger more important things to worry about than your pride. Don’t lose your chance to fix it, once they are gone, you’ve lost your chance to say I am sorry and you’ve lost the chance toContinue reading “Don’t delay”


Tomorrow is a day of THANKS. A day to say thank you and appreciate all of our blessings. This wont be my first Thanksgiving without my 2 estranged sons, about 8 years ago they both chose not to come home and spend the day with me and their younger brothers. I admit after seeing myContinue reading “Thanksgiving”