Dealing with Toxic

As I sit here waiting for my monthly blood draw I find myself evaluating my life. Thinking about my kids, all of them, even the ones that aren’t in my life anymore because they’ve chosen not to be.   It occurs to me that both my greatest victory and my biggest failure are in oneContinue reading “Dealing with Toxic”

My Heart Aches

Only two days until my little man’s birthday.  Lucky or unlucky for me that it’s an extremely crazy week at work so my mind is staying busier than normal from 7am to 5:30pm.  I’m making sure to get a minimum of 30 minutes on my treadmill each night to help my body cope with the stress.  I haveContinue reading “My Heart Aches”

A Thank You Message For My Followers

I started this blog per my doctor’s orders to begin my self healing process.  I haven’t been doing this very long, and already I am floored by how many people have reached out to say things like “thank you”, “keep it up”, “I love reading this” or ” this is changing my life”.   I wantContinue reading “A Thank You Message For My Followers”

Bully Me No More

Insecurity, seeking validation, self doubt and feeling picked on or bullied…its all connected. There is a difference between trying to convince people to see it your way, and wanting people to validate what you see.  Do you know someone who or perhaps find yourself second guessing yourself and your actions?  How about constantly giving peopleContinue reading “Bully Me No More”

The Birds & the Bees, the Flowers & the trees, his Ex’s and me

Does everyone struggle with feeling like they have to measure up or surpass even the ex’s of your spouse?  We might be talking about long time significant others, spouses, whatever the case is…do you find yourself trying to compete with the ex or are you hyper sensitive about the ex?  WHY IS THIS?  We should give it up,Continue reading “The Birds & the Bees, the Flowers & the trees, his Ex’s and me”