That feeling you get leaving your psychology appointment after the doctor says you’ve made tremendous progress and she is not only impressed but proud….and in less than 24 hours you leave for a white sandy beach to spend a quiet week with the love of your life. This moment……PRICELESS ❤

Dear Grandson

Hi Bubba. How was your day? Did you play games with your daddy? I bet you have grown so much since I’ve seen you. Are you wearing big boy underwear and going potty in the big boy potty? Do you still fit in all the dinosaur clothes we got? Do you still have the dinosaursContinue reading “Dear Grandson”

Happy New Year Grandson

Good morning Bubba. How did you sleep? Have you decided what you will play today? Did you stay up late on New Years Eve? Did you have a party? Treats? I miss you so much Bubba. I can’t believe that soon it will be a year since your parents have let us see each other.Continue reading “Happy New Year Grandson”

Who’s Job Is It Anyway?

When there is a family feud, or family estrangement of any kind, who should make the first move? Not all that long ago my husband was at odds with his parents which sadly was all because of misunderstandings due to lack of communication.(thankfully all put behind them) At Christmas time I would tell him heContinue reading “Who’s Job Is It Anyway?”

Don’t delay

If you’ve put your pride ahead of all else, it’s time to suck it up and realize there are bigger more important things to worry about than your pride. Don’t lose your chance to fix it, once they are gone, you’ve lost your chance to say I am sorry and you’ve lost the chance toContinue reading “Don’t delay”

One Day You’ll Find Out the Truth

Hello Bubba. How are you today? Have you been having a good week? How is daycare going? Are you making new friends? What is your best friends name? What do you like to do at daycare? Do you have a new favorite toy? I was at the Harley store the other day. They have anContinue reading “One Day You’ll Find Out the Truth”

Good Morning Son

I’m writing to tell you I will never forgive you for taking my Grandschildren away from me.  I have put up with your chronic lying, your never ending manipulating, your obvious exaggerating, your passing the buck, and your running away for 20 plus years, this is the last time.  You have put our family throughContinue reading “Good Morning Son”

No one Said It was Easy

Some days all I want to do is stop existing.  It feels like a lifetime ago that I felt like I had something to smile about every day.  I know my children all loved and respected one another, or at least 3 of the 4 did, but now it’s only a distant memory.  I hateContinue reading “No one Said It was Easy”

Short Letter to my Love

Good morning Bubba, how was your week?  Do you feel bigger now? I bet you are faster and smarter since your birthday.  People say you are working on going potty like a big boy. Do you wear the PJMax or Elmo big boy underwear we bought at the store?  Papa and I still have theContinue reading “Short Letter to my Love”

Toxic People Pollute

Within our situation of being kept from our grandchildren, there are different reactions from various extended family members. As with anything in life, everyone has their own opinion. When the two oldest sons made the decision to disown me, their father and step father, they also quit staying in contact with their brothers. My youngestContinue reading “Toxic People Pollute”